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Sustainable Education,

Sustainable Future.

HOPE: Hands-on Opportunities in Practical Education (Junior High School)

HOPE aims to help academically underperforming students regain confidence through hands-on learning of trade-specific skill sets. The program also aims to help financially disadvantaged students acquire skills that are useful to building a professional career in the future.

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CARE: Community Action and Resource Education (Senior High School)

CARE allows underprivileged senior high school students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals while also learning the importance of helping others. This program is designed to equip its participants with ability and empowerment as a result of helping others at school and through community service. We hope to show them the positive ripple effect in spreading love.

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Science Education

Convey abstract scientific knowledge to students through easy-to-understand scientific teaching aids and educational models, and enhance students' learning through hands-on activities. At the same time, we encourage and assist local teachers to improve their teaching skills and methods.

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